About us

Since 1979, Salient Printing has been in the business of creating print solutions because we know that tactile experiences matter. At Salient Printing we know about printing perfect images, and letting them speak for your company.  A veritable one-stop center, our company has a long-standing reputation for unparalleled professional service, unsurpassed quality and utmost convenience.  Our multi-task approach to every project guarantees unbeatable timeliness as well as the best results imaginable.  We provide the best product your budget can afford in the shape of top-of-the-line materials like business cards, brochures/ flyers, invoicing booklets , booklets, posters, packaging boxes, stickers/ labels and more.


A company is only as good as the sum of all of its parts! Our team at Salient Printing is committed to complete customer satisfaction. From the quote process to delivering the finished product, you will not find a commercial printer that lives and breathes this philosophy more than we do.


Salient Printing believes our team is our greatest asset. We deliver savings in time and money on your commercial printer relationship and continually making the investment in equipment and technology to deliver the highest quality finished product at one of the most competitive price points you will find anywhere.


Our Capabilities



Why Offset?
When looks count, there’s nothing like it for making a lasting impression; from the simplest display to the most complex annual report.  And it’s more nimble than you might think.  Many projects that used to take weeks; now take only days.  New, state-of-the-art presses and digital workflow are the reasons why.

  • Longer runs (5,000+)
  • Less expensive as run lengths increase
  • Higher image resolution
  • Broader set of paper alternatives (thick and coated stocks)



Why Digital?

Digital gives you the power to personalize your message and run smaller quantities on demand.  Variable data is a highly effective way to target your specific markets.  From personalized , first name greetings to specific images that speak to your readers’ interests, variable printing is proving to be one of the most effective ways to increase your marketing ROI.

  •   Shorter runs (from one to thousands)
  •   Fast turnaround
  •   Quality meets expectations for most printed materials
  •   Media options beginning to expand



Letterpress printing is a method of relief printing that is done with a printing press. Movable type is placed and locked into the press bed and inked. The ink is transferred onto paper that is pressed on to the bed.

This process results in a more dimensional printing style that sets letterpress products apart from their offset or digitally-printed counterparts.


We’re proud to offer letterpress printing services that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.




NCR (no carbon required) or carbonless forms, like the name suggests, have eliminated the need for carbon paper between sheets to create multiple copies of the same form. The paper is chemically treated to transfer the impression from the first page to the subsequent pages with very little pressure


NCR booklets for receipt forms and invoice forms are very handy as a copy of the form can be easily torn from the booklet and given to the customer, while leaving a copy in the booklet for the business. Pages are perforated for easy removal. A sturdy cover wrap maintains the booklet’s integrity and can be inserted between forms to prevent transfer when completing the form.



Lamination is the application of a thin film over the printed page and Salient Printing offers various types of lamination depending on the finish you require.

Practically speaking, lamination adds strength to paper and card making it sought after for company annual reports, presentation catalogues and folders, postcards, and calendars to name a few. It also offers flexibility, long term durability and makes card and paper tear-resistant giving the finished product the ability to remain flat. Overall lamination holds the ink together on every page, preventing aging or signs of wear and tear.

Lamination is a multi-purpose finish because it is commonly used for design enhancement as much as for its other practical qualities.

lamination final